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Minutes of AGM and Monthly Meeting of 15 May 2019

July 14, 2019

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and monthly Board Meeting
Held 7pm Wednesday 15th May 2019 at Ballafesson Methodist Hall

Present: Mr D Radcliffe (Chairman), Mr P Vernon and Mr P Gunn
Apologies: Mr S Pilling
In attendance: The Clerk
The Chairman thanked the Commissioners for their continuing support. It had been a busy year with Ballakilley lease being agreed with Nomads and signed and some progress had finally been made in that work on the pitches had finally commenced. A newsletter had been published and thanks in particular to Mr Pilling the LED upgrade at Ballakillowey was finally underway. The Port Erin Commissioners attempt to take the new Ballakilley development from Rushen had been a very significant issue for the Commissioners to deal with and all expressed their thanks to the Clerk for his considerable efforts in preparing and presenting Rushen’s case. The Commissioners were sad to note that Mr Young had stood down from the Commissioners in February as he had been particularly active and engaged with the business of the parish. The Chairman was pleased to note that the Commissioners had agreed to a significant tree planting scheme for the Parish which will be undertaken in the autumn and that the Commissioners had joined the Climate Change Coalition, the fist local authority to do so.
2. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE-CHAIRMAN FOR THE FORTHCOMING YEAR. Mr Pilling was elected as Chairman having been proposed by Mr Vernon and seconded by Mr Gunn, and Mr Vernon was elected Vice-Chair having been proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Gunn.
a) Southern Civic Amenity Site. (3 year) Mr Pilling was reappointed, proposed by Mr Gunn and seconded by Mr Radcliffe.
b) Swimming Pool Board (3 year) Mr Radcliffe was reappointed, proposed by Mr Gunn and seconded by Mr Vernon.
c) Marashen Crescent Elderly Persons Housing Board (3 year) Mr Radcliffe was reappointed, proposed by Mr Gunn and seconded by Mr Vernon.
d) Municipal Association (annual). Mr Gunn was reappointed, proposed by Mr Vernon and seconded by Mr Radcliffe.
e) Southern Healthcare Committee (annual) Mr Pilling was reappointed, proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Gunn.
f) Rushen Ambulance Committee (annual) Mr Pilling was reappointed, proposed by Mr Gunn and seconded by Mr Radcliffe.
g) Allotments Committee (annual) Mr Vernon was appointed, proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Gunn.

Present: Mr D Radcliffe (Chairman), Mr P Vernon and Mr P Gunn.
Apologies: Mr S Pilling
In attendance: The Clerk

1. MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 17th April 2019 were agreed having been proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Gun.

a) Street Lighting – the Clerk updated the Commissioners with regard to the MUA LED Upgrade Scheme, Ballakillowey. In particular, one light would have to move across the road from number 30 and this was agreed by the Commissioners. The Commissioners also agreed to the request from the owners, for the light outside the Shore Hotel so that it no longer obstructed the view from the newly refurbished tourist accommodation. The Commissioners agreed to pay half the costs for this.
b) Dog Byelaws – the Clerk had been unable to progress on this matter since the last meeting.
c) Risk Assessment, Health and Safety – the Clerk had shared the documents with the Board now, but further work is still required to assess the documents.
d) Port Erin proposed boundary extension – the Clerk had not heard anything further on this matter.
e) Outstanding rates – the Clerk had been unable to progress on this matter since the last meeting.
f) Play area on the green space within the Ballakilley estate – the Clerk had received an invitation to meet with Dandara in the week following the AGM. It was agreed that one or other of the Commissioners would join him if possible.
g) Multiuse recreational space – it was agreed that it was a good time to begin planning the work for the path surrounding the Barrack’s Field pitches and the Church Field and it was further agreed that the Commissioners should seek professional support in developing their ideas. Mr Radcliffe agreed to speak with a garden planner he felt might be able to assist, and the Clerk will ask local architects whether they would be interested in helping and if so how much they would charge. The Clerk had also spoken with the Nomads’ groundsman who had agreed to assist the commissioners when he was undertaking ground works for Nomads. The Commissioners agreed that this would be a sensible way to proceed.
h) Dog mess on Beaton’s Lane – the Chairman reported that new signs had been erected now, and the Clerk reported that a dog bag dispenser would be erected shortly.
i) Surby resident’s concerns regarding high hedges and property owners request – the Clerk continued to pursue this matter as time allows.
j) Parking problems at Fairy Hill – it was agreed that this matter was complete as the Clerk had once again sought DoI Housing assistance with this problem.
k) Joint working with Arbory – the Clerk was continuing to develop the case for change.
l) Seagull feeding at Ballakillowey estate – the Clerk hoped to complete this task prior to the next meetng.

3. SOUTHERN CIVIC AMENITY SITE – in the absence of Mr Pilling there was nothing to report
4. MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION – Mr Gunn had attended the last meeting where Minister Skelly had explained how the Department for Enterprise has been restructured and is now operating. The Department is aiming to attract young working families to the Island. It was agreed that Mr Gunn, Mr Pilling and the Clerk would attend the forthcoming AGM and dinner.
5. SOUTHERN SWIMMING POOL AUTHORITY – The former administrator has now officially retired, and the new administrator has taken over fully now.
6. MARASHEN CRESCENT – the monthly meeting was due to take place the following week so there was nothing to report.
8. MANX NATIONAL HERITAGE – nothing to report
a) There had been reports of moss at top of Garth Avenue and it was agreed to ask the contractor to see if he can tackle it.
b) MX5 Sloc Closure Signed Notice – this was noted
c) Work on the Shore Road – the Commissioners noted that significant works are underway but as yet the Clerk has not been informed about the nature of the works.


A] REVENUE (inc. VAT where appropriate):
The Clerk reported the income which had been received since the last meeting.

B] ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT (inc. Vat where appropriate)
The accounts for payment were agreed having been proposed by Mr Radcliffe and seconded by Mr Gunn.

a) Simplification of Bank accounts – the two housing accounts were due to close this month and the reserve account was now frozen. All monies had been paid into the current account.
b) Unpaid cheque – to Commissioners noted that a cheque they had received for the second bin annual charge had been refused as it had not been dated.
c) A quote to grind out roots and replant two trees had been received from Roots to Shoots – the Commissioners considered and agreed the quotation of £454 + VAT.
d) A quotation from Digital Group £50/month was agreed by the Commissioners. For this the Commissioners would receive unlimited email accounts, free telephone and email support, webmail and no call out charges to set up or fix any issues. The Commissioners noted that they had received the service free of charge during the first year but asked the Clerk to find out more from Digital Group about the costs involved. It was agreed that the Clerk would set up a monthly standing order and the Commissioners would review the matter following a year of the new service.

11. FINANCIAL SITUATION – the following position was noted.
Balance on last statements April/May 2019
General ‘rates’ account 1,000.00 Liquidity Manager (rates) 75,828.65 Rent account 31,037.49
Housing account 2,603.01

a) Mental Health First Aid Course, 17th and 18th June – email from Southern Authorities Health Care Trust – the Clerk reported that he would be attending this course which was being paid for by the Southern Authorities Health Care Trust.
b) Isle of Man Constabulary Strategic Plan 2019-2023 – circulated by email – this was noted.
c) Email regarding Sports Workshops for Schools – this was noted.
d) Joint “on call” service for public sector housing – letter from Port Erin Commissioners – the Commissioners agreed that the Clerk should respond to Port Erin expressing Rushen’s interest in being part of the discussion.
e) Dogs Act 1990 – Fixed Penalty notices – email from DoI – this was noted.
f) Complaint about poor condition of rented property on the Honna Road – letter from DEFA Environmental Health Unit – this was noted.
g) Email regarding health of trees at Ballakilley – this was noted.
h) Public Health Newsletter, May 2019 – this was noted.
i) Public Sector Housing Eviction Operational Practice and Procedures Guidelines – email from DoI – this was noted.
j) Final Report of the Independent Health and Social Care Review – this was noted.
k) Manx Telecom Phone Book entry – this was agreed.
l) Bathing Water Directive – DEFA Consultation – the Commissioners considered this matter and completed the consultation.
m) Invitation to Mona’s Queen Memorial – this was noted and it was hoped that Mr Radcliffe would attend.
n) Letter of thanks from PE Commissioners for library & fireworks donation – this was noted.
o) Letter from Douglas BC regarding Civic Service – this was noted.
p) TT Road closure information from DfE – this was noted.
q) Email regarding litter from concerned rate payer – the Commissioners noted the email and agreed that a media release be produced in relation to littering generally and the banners at Ballakillowey roundabout. The Commissioners also agreed that they would hold a litter pick on the 29th June at 2pm meeting at the Croit e Caley road junction at the Level. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to Beach Buddies to see if they wish to be involved.

A] Planning Applications – the following applications were all supported by the Commissioners, but the Commissioners wished to make clear their new policy of requesting that all new build properties in the Parish should fit sustainable heating systems. This particularly applies in the case of application 19/00488/B Kate’s Cottage, Balnahowe Road.
a) 19/00461/B 7, Ballagale Avenue. Mr Crompton. Loft, kitchen and hallway extension.
b) 19/00451/B Crow’s Nest, Ballakilpheric Road. Ms Hooker. Extension to create garage and conversion of garage to provide further living space.
c) 19/00488/B Kate’s Cottage, Balnahowe Road. Cheeseden Investments Ltd. Renovation and extension of existing tholtan to form dwelling.
d) 19/00440/B Keston, Mill Road. Mrs Mitchell. First floor extension to provide living accommodation.

B] Planning Approvals – this was noted
a) 19/00144/B Riverside Glen Chass Road. Howard Smith. Decision – Principle Planner. Approved. Issued 3rd May 2019.
C] Planning Refusals – None
D] Completion Certificates – this was noted
a) 17/07113/DOM Plot 136, Ballakilley. Issued 7th May 2019.
E] Planning appeals and Other Planning Matters – None

a) Concern over drugs on Fairy Hill – the Commissioners had received a complaint about this matter based primarily on hearsay and circumstantial evidence. It was agreed that the Clerk would report this to the police on this rather limited basis.
b) Climate Consultation – this Government consultation had been completed by Mr Radcliffe on the Commissioners’ behalf.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Wednesday 19th June 2019 – subsequently changed to 26th.

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